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Bet on Ballon D’Or Battle: The Shortlist

Oct 27, 2015

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Odds to bet on Ballon d'Or

If you bet on Ballon d’Or, Messi is your usual prime suspect (L’Equipe)

Six Barcelona players were named on the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015 Shortlist with Lionel Messi being the favourite to win the award. See the odds to bet on Ballon d’Or!

Champions League title-holders Barcelona have the most players on the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015 Shortlist with four-time winner Lionel Messi being the favourite. The Argentine phenomenon’s success is priced at 1.12 (3/25) by Unibet Sportsbook.Online gambling news reported that all members of the famous South American forward-line of FC Barcelona are present on the shortlist.

This means that Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez is also available for those who bet on Ballon d’Or – he should have been one of the favourites last year when he won the European Golden Shoe together with Cristiano Ronaldo.However Suarez biting Chiellini on the World Cup ejected the aggressive forward from the candidates. Suarez is now 34.00 (33/1) to win the Ballon d’Or according to Unibet, while fellow Barcelona forward Neymar has 21.00 (20/1) Ballon d’Or odds at the famous online gambling operator. Five Bayern Players on the list – Bet on Ballon D’Or

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich both delegates five players. sports scores fans would know that second favourite to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015 is obviously Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar has online betting odds of 6.00 (5/1) to claim the award. Third on the list is red and hot Bayern striker, Robert Lewandowski, who did exceptionally well in the last few months. Lewandowski to win Balon D’Or is available at 13.00 (12/1).

Bet on Ballon d'Or Lewandowski

It’s Lewandowski’s first year as a serious candidate, he’s not likely to win (AFP/Getty)

English runners-up Manchester City are represented by three players on the list. From those three, Sergio Agüero has the shortest odds with 67.00 (66/1) to become the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015 winner. Since Arturo Vidal had departed for Bayern in the summer, Champions League runners-up Juventus have only one player on the list. He is french midfielder Paul Pogba, who is 81.00 (80/1) to win the award.

Go and check out the Unibet promotions and bet on Ballon d’Or with excellent odds at the famous online gambling operator!

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Ladbrokes Coral Merger in Finish

Oct 09, 2015
Ladbrokes Coral merger high street betting shops

The Ladbrokes Coral merger creates one of the biggest market players (Photo: Stephen Barnes)

By signing a USD 2.1 billion facility, the Ladbrokes Coral merger and liquidity in the first years of the new company was just ensured.

Ladbrokes signed a GBP 1.35/EUR 1.8 billion facility to fund the merger with rival land-based and online betting, bingo and casino operator Gala Coral Group, latest gambling news report. This facility will ensure the liquidity of the future company in its first years. The facility will be provided by the company’s partner banks for the Ladbrokes Coral merger.

Chief financial officer Ian bull said, “I am pleased that our relationship banks have shown strong support in putting in place a significant size facility at similar pricing to our current facilities.” He added, “We believe that this facility will provide sufficient liquidity to an enlarged Ladbrokes Coral group following the merger.”

British-based betting and gaming company Ladbrokes officially announced this summer that merger talks with rival Gala Coral group have started. Online casino news reported in July 2015 that an agreement on the deal was reached.

Reuters: Ladbrokes signs $2.1 billion facility to fund Coral deal

The facility has three tranches with the first, a GBP 600 million facility, becoming available in October 2016, after the Ladbrokes Coral merger happened. The transformed company is expected to take shape late 2015 or early 2016.

Ladbrokes Coral merger Jim Mullen CEO

Smugness justified: Jim Mullen about to become an even bigger CEO (Evening Standard)

The name of the new company will be Ladbrokes Coral. Ladbrokes chief executive Jim Mullen will be the new company’s CEO. Experts of gambling facts might know that Gala Coral group has a considerable debt. However this debt won’t be transferred to the new company after the Ladbrokes Coral merger.

Ladbrokes also ensured another deal recently. The online gambling firm became one of the official partners of the Australian National Basketball League (NBL). In the 2015-16 season, Labdrokes will be the official online sports betting partner of the NBL.

Ladbrokes was founded in 1886 and today is the largest betting company in the UK. It is also considered as the no. 1 retail bookmaker in the world with more than 2,400 retail betting shops only in the UK and Ireland. Ladbrokes operates several online sportsbooks in the UK, as well as online casinos, online poker rooms and online bingo sites.

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No Bullshit Betting: Betsafe Launches New Campaign

Aug 16, 2015

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betfair no bullsit betting campaign

Very… interesting marketing approach (Photo: Betfair)

Betsafe launched an extremely straightforward campaign, called “No Bullshit Betting”.

The Malta-based online gambling company chose to address their target audience in a particularly uncommon way, gambling news report. The debut ad of the campaign confronts the players with its massage cruelly: the bank always wins on the long. Players are virtually no more than brave losers. Still, the No Bullshit Betting campaign calls out gamblers for a challenge, as Betsafe ask their audience to prove them wrong.

Betsafe bosses and CP+B Scandinavia targeted the smart players with the No Bullshit Betting campaign. They could be tempted by the fact that this operator won’t treat them like imbecile children. The campaign is based on that there is a significant group of gamblers out there, who preferred to be addressed in an intelligent manner. Since they are supposedly successful people, they might have some money to burn. Betsafe might got it right with the No Bullshit Betting campaign. Gamblers, You’re Bound to Lose, Says Betsafe’s ‘No Bullshit Betting’ Campaign

Betsafe chose an extraordinary way to gain the attraction of online betting players. They launched the “No Bullshit Betting” campaign, confronting the audience that online gamblers are no more than losers. Meanwhile they will actually secure themselves a luxury lifestyle from the players losses.

The debut spot of the No Bullshit campaign alerts the players that the odds are against them. The operator always wins on the long. Still, if they are brave enough, they will place a wager. The ad virtually challenges the players instead of charming them with online gambling bonuses and dreams about luxury jackpots and a superstar way of life.

The spot pictures an apparently successful female gambling boss. She wanders between all kind of players each watching a football game nervously. They might win or loose, but the bank always wins, she suggests calmly and provokingly. She actually calls out for a challenge, saying “Odds are you don’t have what it takes to beat us in the long run … Go ahead. Prove us wrong.”

Betsafe  is an internet gambling firm licensed and based in Malta. The No Bullshit Betting campaign targets players from Northern Europe. Managing director Jeremy Taylor explained the nature of the spot, expressing that true gamblers are bored of being treated like children. That is why they presented this strikingly honest campaign. CP+B Scandinavia Cuts the Bullshit for Betsafe

CP+B Scandinavia started a  “No Bullshit Betting” campaign for Betsafe, online mobile news report. In the debut ad of the Malta-licensed gambling firm the audience is reminded the fact that the betting operator always wins on the long.

Markus Lindsjo  CP+B Betsafe No bullshit

Markus Lindsjo, creative director of CP+B (Photo: My New Desk)

The spot is dominated by a fictional female gambling boss, who addresses the viewers in a provoking way. “Life is all about the challenge,” she says. “I mean, who celebrates the status quo? I certainly don’t. And I’ve turned that mindset into a means of making a living, a good living, at your expense.”

Our protagonist is walking in a room full of bettors, either celebrating their wins or crying over their losses. But she remarks that whatever the players achieves, the odds are always on the operator’s side. She says, “When you lose, we win. When you win, well, in some ways we still win.”

In the end she calls out the players to bet on Betsafe, but in an uncommon way. She suggests that the players might not have the guts to place a wager. Jeremy Taylor, managing director of Betsafe commented the new campaign in a statement. He emphasizes that they targeted the smarter users with the No Bullshit Betting campaign. “Ultimate players and thrill seekers… are incredibly tired of being patronized. Our customers are not stupid and I think they deserve the honesty that we give them with this new campaign.”

Markus Lindsjo, creative director of CP+B said that with the No Bullshit Betting campaign they wanted to address those online gambling players who consider themselves extraordinary. “We want to reach those who don’t see themselves as the statistically average. The self-proclaimed outliers. And to get them to attempt to prove us wrong when we say in all honesty that they’re unlikely to beat us.”

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The week in pictures: November 25th – December 1st, 2014

Dec 03, 2014

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Weekly news in pictures

There was no shortage of news last week around the world so lets look back at some of the biggest stories that snatched the headlines.

Authorities in Ferguson Missouri were forced to call in the National Guard as widespread rioting overwhelmed the beleagued police force following the jury verdict finding Officer Darren Wilson inculpable after the August 9th shooting that saw him gun down the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. With buildings set ablaze and numerous arrests the riots mark a low point in the relationship between the almost entirely white police force and vastly black population they serve. Officer Darren Wilson then resigned from his position, a move that has done little to quell tension in the town.

The teenage daughters of President Obama came under fire from Republican Elizabeth Lauten who posted on Facebook following their appearance at the turkey pardoning ceremony alongside their father at the White House. “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.” She said of the 13 and 16 year old girls outfits, adding that she felt they lacked class but lamented, “your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter. So I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department.”. She then deleted the statement and apologized insincerely, much to the annoyance of the internet.

The Black Friday chaos proved to be a little less fraught this year as many stores tried to ease the rush by beginning their sales on Thanksgiving itself. As millions of Americans sat down to eat with their families and then went out to grab some early Christmas shopping bargains with very few instances of trouble, across the Atlantic in the UK (which doesn’t even celebrate thanksgiving) there were scenes of unbridled consumerist madness with the police being called to deal with trouble at several stores that began their sales at midnight and saw pandemonium break out upon opening their doors to the great British public.

In sport the Cricketing world paid its respects after the sad death of 25 year old Australian Phillip Hughes who died last week having been hit by the ball. The tragic accident has placed the first test between India and Australia, due to start on Thursday in Brisbane, in doubt and an already busy schedule may mean it won’t go ahead at all. Negotiations between the teams on the matter continued into the weekend and to find out if or when it goes ahead you’ll have to check our daily news pages regularly but in the meantime here’s some of the stories that hit our headlines last week.

1. Despite his conflict with Borgata, poker pro Phil Ivey has endorsed the casino’s new partner, the Pala Casino online gambling site.

Phil Ivey pala Casino

Greetings from an old friend… (Photo: Pala Casino)


2.The Florida Lottery has a bright future ahead. Lottery sales in the Sunshine State already reached an impressive $5.3 billion and now lawmakers are considering introducing online sales in the state.

Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery evolves and keeps up with technology (Photo: Florida Lottery)


3.Neteller co-founder’s biography was released. Readers could discover the story behind the successful and controversial John Lefebvre.

John Lefebvre

Read all about it… (Photo: ECW Press)


4.The recent casino cheating case involving US Navy Rear Admiral Timothy Giardani got everybody’s attention.

Timothy Giardina

Timothy Giardina lost a career (Photo:CBS)


5.What seems to be holding back the growth in the Macau casino industry?

Macau gambling

Is Macau old news? (Photo: Kieran Scott)


6.Favourit and EveryMatrix launched multi-lingual online and mobile platform to the delight of players.

Favourit platform

Bets of ingredients: Multiple languages, multiple bookies and mobile (Photo: Favourit)


7.The Polish government is considering reviewing their policies on international gambling operations.

The Polish Ministry of Finance

The Polish Ministry of Finance knows the potential of international operators (Photo: Jarosław Pocztarski/CC)


Meanwhile the queen of the crime novel, PD James, died peacefully at the age of 94 in her Oxford home having written 20 books including “Children of Men” and the massively successful series featuring the detective Adam Dalgliesh that were adapted for television, and in Hong Kong protestors attempted to move on the Chief Executive’s office only to be met by batons, pepper-spray and water hoses from authorities tired of the softly-softly approach. Will there be more chaos on the streets of this gambling capital? You’ll have to check in with our daily news pages to find out.

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The week in pictures: October 28th – November 3rd, 2014

Nov 04, 2014

Weekly news in pictures

Last week saw some amazing events around the world so lets take a quick look at some of the biggest that hit the headlines

In Burkina Faso protestors in the capital Ouagadougou threw out their President of 27 years after he tried to extend that via a constitutional change. They set fire to the parliament building and the army had to step in to “restore order”. Protestors then took to the streets again to ensure the army didn’t turn peace keeping into a coup, the situation remains tense and disagreement amongst opposition leaders could prove problematic.Problematic is a word all too easily applied to space travel last week as both NASA and Virgin Galactic lost craft to accidents. NASA Antares rocket dramatically exploded shortly after lift off whilst Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic suffered a catastrophic failure during a test flight that left one pilot seriously injured and the other dead. Early reports cite a malfunction of the descent mechanism may have caused it to prematurely deploy resulting in the tragedy.

South African football weathered a tragedy of its own last week as Captain of the national team, Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead at his girlfriends house after intruders broke into the Johannesburg property. His funeral at the Moses Mabhida Stadium was attended by his teammates from the Orlando Pirates and tens of thousands of supporters. Police already have a suspect in custody and he was charged with the killing on Friday.

Elsewhere in football the weekend saw a Manchester derby in the English Premier League, and as is usual with these high-tension clashes the game saw some ugly moments including the sending off of United’s center-half Smalling who seemed to forget he was playing football, and in the end, Man City got the only, and decisive goal, will things be so clear cut this week? Find out on our daily news pages, but for the time being lets look back at what made our headlines last week.

1. If you thought you knew everything about James Packer’s new VIP casino at Barangaroo, guess again. The government and the investor have been keeping secrets from the public.
VIP Barangaroo

The new VIP casino is a bit of a dark horse (Photo: Sydney Morning Herald)

2. Things just aren’t working out for New Jersey lawmakers, who tried to find a way around the nationwide sports wagering ban. America’s biggest sports leagues have scored a point in their battle against betting, and the ball is now in judge Shipp’s court.
Michael A. Shipp

Honorable Michael A. Shipp said…’time out’ (Photo: Carmen Natale)

3. A famous conman known for selling fake weight loss products has gotten himself into trouble by running an international betting scheme that brought him a fortune.
Peter Foster Jail

Sports Trading Club’s boss, behind bars (Photo: Mike Batterham)

4. The FBI might have screwed up its own case against an Asian betting ring that operated in Las Vegas during the FIFA World Cup, by using illegal methods to gather evidence.
Paul Phua FBI footage

‘Phua had the odds up on his page the whole time’ (Photo: FBI/AP)

5. GamblingResults found the best five Halloween promotions. Online gambling websites prepared scary-tempting offers past weekend.
5 Halloween promotions

Best online casino promotions come to life on Halloween (Photo: Mr. Green)

6. The FBI is trying to beat criminals at their own game and it’s not working. Alleged gambling kingpin Paul Phua could get away with his illegal betting operation because FBI agents didn’t stick to the rules during their investigation.

FBI should play by the books as well… (Photo: Global Elite)

7. The government leadership of Malta settled on Eden Leisure Group as the potential bidders for casino license.
Eden Leisure Group in Malta

Malta’s own piece of Eden (Photo: Eden Leisure Entertainment)

Meanwhile Tim Cook, CEO of Apple came out of the app-draw and announced he was proud to be gay, and the diplomatic relationship between Israel and the US dove to a new all-time low after an unnamed official from the Obama White House was quoted as saying “The thing about Bibi is, he’s a chickenshit.” A move that has been seen as incendiary by the generous of spirit and as the insult it is by everyone else. Will there be more name calling this week? Keep up to date with our daily news pages.

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Online Gambling in NJ Shows Disappointing Results Just Six Months after Launch

Jun 26, 2014

Online Gambling in NJ Shows Disappointing Results Just Six Months after Launch

Since introducing online gambling to its residents, the state of New Jersey has not been able to achieve the financial results that they hoped for. Internet gambling was legalized in efforts to help the ailing economy, but has so far shown no signs of improvement.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has previously asserted that the industry will generate substantially more than what the current reality shows. In efforts to boost the online gambling industry, he was been trying to add an online sports betting service to the current offer, but nothing has come to fruition so far.

New York Business Journal: New Jersey’s online gambling flop threatens the rest of the state’s spending

A month ago in May, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie predicted that the state would see an inflow of $180 million during this year from taxes associated with online gambling operations. Considering that the state is estimating much smaller figures closer to $12 million, the Governor’s predictions were highly overvalued.

According to gambling news, the whole New Jersey gambling scene doesn’t have very good prospects for the future. The state’s overall casino industry is currently experiencing an economic slump, as many gaming facilities are not achieving expected results.

The online gambling sector is not performing as anticipated due to certain challenges. Some banks do not allow their clients to use their credit cards for internet gambling purposes, making it difficult for players to gamble with their money.

The biggest problem stems from the fact that some reports indicate that New Jersey has an illegal online gambling market which is valued at over $400 million a year. This may prove to be a great obstacle for legislator trying to implement changes to their online gaming market, by adding sports betting to their ranks.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Online Gambling Slump Adds to Christie’s N.J. Budget Woes

New Jersey initially saw a decline in revenues in April, just months after starting their online gambling industry. The decrease in online traffic is not the only gaming sector suffering a gradual revenue decrease. Casinos in Atlantic City have seen their revenues drop a massive 44% since peaking in 2006.

The state has high investments in Atlantic City, as it depends on the coastal town to provide jobs, attract tourists and most importantly taxes. The current economic climate will see the state government receive considerably less than initially expected.

Online mobile news reports that New Jersey is hoping to get $12 million from taxes, an amount that is substantially less than what the first projections claimed. Governor Christie believed that they could fetch somewhere around the $180 million mark form imposing the 15% internet gambling tax, however that figure now seems like a distant dream.

The chief operating officer of the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Tom Balance, commented on the unlikely turn of events for the industry. “I don’t think anyone had the crystal ball to predict what the market would be.”

The Republic: New Jersey’s Internet gambling revenue falls again in May; industry struggling after 6 months

Following the first disappointing results in April, New Jersey has not managed to see an increase occur over time. Instead, online gambling revenue has been declining for two consecutive months.

Atlantic City’s casinos first showed signs of a bad economy when some of them started closing down. The Atlantic Club shut down operations in January, which served as a precursor of the state of the market. Additionally, casinos in Atlantic City recorded a 3.1% revenue decrease as compared to a year before.

Online gambling was introduced as a way for the state to create additional tax revenue sources, as other sectors of the market were not performing well. Governor Christie assumed that the overall value for the first year of online gambling operations would amount to over $1 billion.

However, many Wall Street analysts disagree with his estimates, as they anticipate to find gambling results far lower than $1 billion. They forecast the industry to generate somewhere between $200 million and $300 million for the year. Up until now gaming companies have managed to only make $61.9 million, a figure that is far below the projected results. Online gambling hits wall in NJ 6 months after launch.


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Legal Online Gambling Coming to Atlantic City?

Dec 21, 2011

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Online Gambling in Atlantic City

A new bill was just introduced to the state senate of New Jersey that would allow Atlantic City casinos to offer online gambling services. The game terminals would have to be located in restricted areas of casinos and racetracks, and all equipment would have to be located within the boundaries of the city, making this more “local intranet” gambling than true internet gambling.

Press of Atlantic City: Legislation would permit online betting at Atlantic City casinos

New legislation introduced a few days ago would allow online gambling at casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The bill is sponsored by state Senator Raymond Lesniak. Specifically, it would allow “New Jersey residents to place wagers on casino games via the Internet.” All online games from blackjack to poker would be available.

The bill would require that all computers used for legal online gambling be located in a separate area of a casino, “but within the territorial limits of Atlantic County.”

An annual tax of 20% on gross revenue from online gambling would be paid into a casino revenue fund. A new unit would be created under the state’s Casino Control Comission called Division of Internet Wagering.

The Casino Control Commission along with the New Jersey Racing Commission would also allow the operation of online gambling terminals at racetracks, where “individuals who have registered to participate in Internet wagering may wager on games conducted at casinos in Atlantic City.”

WebProNews: New Jersey Considers Legalizing Online Gambling

A newly proposed law introduced in New Jersey would allow players there to gamble online through special websites run by casinos in Atlantic City.

The bill was introduced into the New Jersey State Senate last week by Senator Raymond Lesniak. Incidentally, Lesniak also introduced a different bill which asks New Jersey residents to vote on a constitutional amendment which would allow state-regulated sports betting at Atlantic City casinos.

Right now, New Jersey offers legal online gambling on horse races to local residents through the website. If this bill passes, the state will change the law to permit online versions of any game currently allowed in Atlantic City casinos, such as poker, blackjack and baccarat. The new online gambling system would be controlled and regulated by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, which would establish a new Division of Internet Wagering to manage operations and licensing.

“We’re happy that New Jersey has taken this issue into their own hands,” said iMEGA chairman Joe Brennan Jr.

StandardBred Canada: Gaming ‘Terminals’ Coming To NJ Tracks?

A newly proposed bill introduced by New Jersey state senator Raymond Lesniak could allow Atlantic City casinos to offer online gambling services to New Jersey residents. The bill reportedly has some support in the senate already, but those that do not want to online gaming at the state’s racetracks are voicing their displeasure.

An article by Press of Atlantic City states that Mark Juliano, who is chief executive officer of the three Trump Entertainment Resorts casinos in Atlantic City, revealed that the legislation appears to allow racetracks to also get video lottery terminals.

The report further states that any equipment used to run the new internet gambling system must be located within the territorial limits of Atlantic County, such as within a casino or at another secure location.

The bill reportedly states that the New Jersey Casino Control Commission might also let racetracks operate online gambling terminals. These terminals will likely be identical in appearance to slot machines found at local casinos.


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Estonia Regulating Online Gambling, One Step at a Time

Dec 19, 2011
Online gambling in Estonia

From the first of the year, Estonians can gamble online. For now, only locally-hosted sites are allowed to operate. Any online gambling website in Estonia that does not meet new regulations will be blocked. In 2011, the country will open its online gambling industry to foreign operators.

The Baltic Times: Estonia Legalizes Online Gambling

Estonia recently legalized internet gambling in order to generate revenue through taxation.

The country is hoping to adopt the Euro next year and is frantically looking for further sources of income after suffering one of the hardest-hitting recessions in the EU.

This move to legalize online gambling was influenced in part by recent and very successful poker tournament held in the country. The tournament was sponsored by PokerStars, one of the largest online gambling sites in the world.

According to the Estonian Free Press, players will be able to use Estonian online gaming sites starting immediately. In 2011, Estonia’s internet gambling market will open to foreign operators.

“We are truly glad of this opportunity to start our partnership with Olympic as the leading casino entertainment provider in Central and Eastern Europe,” says Mor Weizer, Executive Manager of Playtech, who has been granted one of the first foreign licenses.

Estonian poker legend Imre Leibold believes development may be detrimental to Estonian players. “The possibility that online poker gaming could be restricted is not good news for us,” he said. “I believe and hope that the whole affair is resolved and that there will be several reasonable gaming locations on the market. However, if things get tough, one may have to consider moving residence or start working abroad like Estonian builders in Finland.”

Estonian Free Press: Estonia Legalizes Online Gambling

Following the success of the Baltic Poker Festival, held in Estonia organized by online poker site PokerStars, Estonia prepares to its doors to the global internet gambling market that.

Starting immediately, the Government will allow Estonian players to gamble online. The liberalization of online gambling is expected to help the nation financially through taxes imposed on gaming operators.

With the Estonian economy down by close to 36%, these changes will bring even more revenue in 2011 when the gambling market will open to international gaming operators that are able to satisfy the regulation requirements.

Until then, Estonians will be able to play only at locally-run sites, like the one set up by the Olympic Casino group that is running on Playtech software.

Now that online gambling in Estonia is as legal as it is in land-based casinos, here is hoping that no one will have to report about stories about things such as the Arvo Viool scandal – the ex-manager of the Fund for Furthering Culture who was arrested and imprisoned for stealing 500,000 Euros from the State to satisfy his gambling addiction.

Baltic Repots: Online Gambling Regulation Begins

Online gambling in Estonia has gone unregulated for many years, but now that is all changing since the government now requires online casinos to be physically hosted in Estonia.

Before January 1 2010, gambling sites could not be hosted Estonian servers, and players could freely use foreign hosted sites. The new Gambling Act reverses this; now, online gambling sites must be hosted on Estonian servers, and those not will be blocked.

For a company set up an online gambling site in Estonia, they must receive a license and agree to pay a 5% sales tax (excluding player winnings).

“As such, online gambling taxation in Europe is nothing new, it has been applied in most of the countries,” says Annika Vilu, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Finance. “Estonia’s tax rate is still one of the lowest in Europe.”

According to Tõnis Rüütel, executive director of Estonian Association of Gambling Operators, “There are countries with smaller tax rate, such as Malta and Gibraltar with 3 percent but we don’t want to have a reputation of a tax paradise. Also the situation so far has been absurd as the gambling addiction emerged in Estonia, but all of the income went elsewhere.”

If an online gambling site in Estonia does not meet these new requirements, its website will be blocked and its bank accounts will be frozen.

“We’ll see how the law comes into force, and if it will be possible to block the gambling sites not fit for the requirements, but some other countries have not been able to do it so far including the U.S.,” Rüütel said.


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Poker Playing Priest Wins and Donates $100K to Catholic Church

Dec 16, 2011
Catholic Poker Playing Priest

Poker Playing Priest

Poker playing priest is the new nick name of a Catholic paint-ball playing Father Andrew Trapp who made big news recently for his appearance on Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge. Not only did the poker playing priest appear, but he almost made it through the last round. Though he didn’t win, he was able to raise $100,000 toward the construction of a new church in South Carolina.

Church celebrates as priest wins $100K in poker tourney

St. Michael Catholic Church in Garden City Beach needs over $1 million to build a new church. Father Andrew Trapp made a dent in that figure by winning $100,000 in the Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge televised poker tournament.

Trapp’s final episode aired Sunday, and was watched by he and dozens of fellow church members at St. Michael’s. Trapp said he hopes his brief television fame shows people that priests are normal people. “This is an opportunity, hopefully, for people to see a young guy that’s a priest, that’s normal, that can have fun, have friends and try to do something great for the church.”

South Carolina’s Poker Playing Priest wins $100,000

Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge left audiences stunned in October when S.Carolina poker playing priest Father Andrew Trapp beat NBA Champ John Salley, Team Poker Stars Pro Vanessa Rousso and her teammate and four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu to win $100,000 and a chance to come back earlier this month for a crack at the $1,000,000 grand prize.

Fr. Trapp, the poker playing priest lost the final round of Fox TV’s “Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge” on Dec. 27; but he still won $100,000. The winner was a 9-11 first responder at the World Trade Center.

Known as “Father Rambo” for his paintball play, the poker priest held rosary beads in a hand against Salley. After beating the former Pistons Bad Boy, Trapp shocked Rousso, and took home the six-figure prize when poker star Negreanu misread the strength of Trapp’s cards.

Trapp immediately donated all winnings to the St. Michael’s Church in Garden City, SC, where he’s associate pastor. His goal was to win the million dollar prize to help St. Michael’s build a new church, which is currently $1.5 million dollars short of its goal. In an interview, Trapp said, “I think I represented the church and the priesthood well, which was my main goal…I think my parishioners will be proud of me.

Church looks back at poker playing priest’s run for $1 million

St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Garden City, S.C., is in a four-year, $6.5 million fundraiser for a new church. “Our church family’s grown. We have over 3,000 [people] and 400 families,” said C. Griffith, a St. Michael’s member for more over 20 years.

Overcrowding isn’t the only issue at the Garden City church. Should a strong hurricane go through the area, St. Michael’s probably wouldn’t be standing in the aftermath.

As of Christmas, about $4 million was raised for building a church that’ll be at par with safety codes, hold over 900 people and bear hurricane-force winds. It’s a big upgrade from the old church. The project hopes to give new hope to worshipers at St. Michael’s.

Trapp’s played his role in bringing a new church to his parishioners. The poker playing priest appeared on the Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge playing for $1 million wanting to break ground on the multi-million dollar construction project.

Trapp lost in the final round of the show to poker pro, Negreneau, but walked away from the competition with $100,000. The cash, he says, is going straight to who needs it the most — his parish.

The poker playing priest‘s winnings from Hollywood is putting quite the dent in construction costs for a new and improved St. Michael’s. There’s just $1.5 million to go, and those who gather at church each week say they’re more than thankful for such a generous donation to their future.

Poker playing priest went to take part in the Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge on behalf of his parish on a mission to raise cash for a new church.


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Brand-new helps netbook users gamble wisely

Dec 12, 2011

A website has just been launched that aims to help users of netbook computers make the most out of online casinos, because not all casinos are created equal, and not all work well with netbook devices.

Since the advent of the netbook computers a few years ago, “web apps” have been popping up all across the internet. Web apps are programs that run entirely online – users do not have to download or install anything in order to use them. In fact, most programs that users would normally install on their home PCs now have online web app equivalents.

The world of online gambling is no exception. “No download” casino games are becoming more and more prevalent. These games use Flash technology to stream content across the internet, allowing players to enjoy real money casino games inside their web browser from any computer with an internet connection. These no download casinos are perfect for netbook users since there is nothing to install.

Now there is a website dedicated to helping people find the best online casinos to use with their netbooks. CasinoNetbook just launched, but already it offers more than 130 pages of content related to gambling on the internet using netbook computers. A simple sidebar navigation system leads readers through each section.

Essential information about netbook computers is provided, along with netbook reviews and and some recommendations about machines that are particularly well-suited to use with online gambling sites. The relationship between netbooks and online gambling is discussed.

The bulk of the site consist of lists and tables providing links to hundreds of no download casino games, including an entire section dedicated to games that can be played for free, using unlimited casino credits. This is presented alongside information about dozens of online casinos that offer netbook-compatible services, including casino deposit bonuses, online slots and blackjack tournaments, and more.

A blog has also been established on CasinoNetbook. The editors write a new post each day describing their experiences using specific online casino games and casino sites on their own netbook computers. This section gives readers access to first-hand accounts of what they can expect when using the various services that the site recommends.


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Australian elections are over. Who did you bet on?

Sep 07, 2010
Betting on elections

Australia’s national election ended yesterday with Labor Party leader Julia Gillard emerging as the country’s new Prime Minister. While millions of Australians used votes to back their pick for the new PM, many others chose to use money instead, placing bets on their favorite candidate at some of the top online sportsbooks in Australia.

Betting on political candidates in Australia has been something of a controversy lately. Back in July, MP Michael Johnson tried very hard to ban online betting on elections, arguing that important political decisions are inappropriate things to be wagering on. Johnson was also concerned that betting on political elections could influence the outcome if unscrupulous political parties used betting as leverage to twist elections in their favor.

Despite Johnson’s efforts, no ban has been placed on election betting. Internet sports betting websites across Australia as well as in other parts of the world offered lines on all candidates.

Interestingly, one of Julia Gillard’s primary campaign efforts focused on the issue of gambling. She has expressed a strong desire to reform Australian gambling laws, implementing stricter regulations on pokies as well as offering tighter regulation of online gambling in the country. Most gambling licenses are not up for renewal until 2012, however, so few changes are likely to be made until then.


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Lucky Stars slot pays $150K jackpot at Slotland

Aug 17, 2010
Lucky Stars

Slotland is an online casino dedicated to slot games. The site runs on proprietary software, which means every game they offer is exclusive, and can’t be found anyplace else. Slotland is especially well known for its progressive jackpot games. The jackpots don’t get as high as they do on some of the larger software networks like Microgaming or Playtech, but players can still win considerable amounts of money.

The latest jackpot winner at Slotland is player SOUTHBELLE, who just the other day won $148,711 while playing the Lucky Stars progressive slot.

“I’m so excited I can’t think straight,” said the lucky player shortly after she won. “I’m sure not used to having that kind of spending money so I really don’t know what I’ll do with it! I’m terrible for spoiling my family. Can’t help it! So I’ll have some fun with this that’s for sure. First though, my brother has been going through some tough times lately so I’m going to help him with some of the bills that have piled up.”

All the slots at Slotland are connected to the same progressive jackpot. The last time this jackpot was won on Lucky Stars was way back in December 2007, but since then, players have won the jackpot on other Slotland games.

“We had a $168,476 winner in May but other than that this is our biggest win since last October,” said Slotland manager Michael Hilary.

The Slotland Casino progressive jackpot has been reset to the base amount of $50,000 and will start growing with every wager placed at the casino until another lucky player wins it all.


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New Zealand player self-excludes himself out of $40,000 casino jackpot

Aug 10, 2010
Sky City

Sometimes it seems even quitting gambling can be a gamble – especially if you win a jackpot.

Apparently finding himself becoming a problem gambler back in 2004, New Zealander Sothea Sinn and his then-girlfriend filled out the paperwork for a self-exclusion ban at Auckland’s Sky City Casino. But Sinn had either overcome his problem or lost control of it last month when he went to play at Sky City again.

Sinn’s trip to the casino ended up becoming a serious good news/bad news scenario: The now 28-year-old hit a $44,000 jackpot playing the pokies; unfortunately for him, Sinn was told that the ban was still in place and that they would not be granting his big prize after all.

“I was absolutely gutted,” said Sinn to Auckland’s Dominion-Post newspaper.

Stating that he believed the self-exclusion ban would have expired within six years’ time, the casino countered by claiming such a ban can only be removed once the banned player has attended a certain number of mandatory counseling sessions to treat addiction to gambling.

Sinn has told local media that he will hire an attorney and attempt to bring a formal complaint to the New Zealand gambling authorities in order to obtain his winnings.


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Vegas Technology jackpot slot pays out a cool million

Aug 09, 2010
Vegas Technology

Just days ago, a progressive slot game called Red White & Win, a Vegas Technology software progressive jackpot, paid out a jackpot just shy of one million dollars. The exact amount was reported as $989,441. After the jackpot paid out, the counter was reset to the low default amount of $6,400.

Red White & Win is a patriotic American themed slot game. Its three reel classic design combined with its progressive jackpot prize makes it a popular game among US players. Best of all, the game has a fixed coin size of $2.50 and a max bet of $7.50 making it very affordable as far as progressive jackpot slots go. The game is won by spinning three American Flag symbols across the center payline on a max bet spin.

News about this mega jackpot prize has only come through an automatic progressive jackpot slots tracking system. It is not yet known who won the jackpot, or even which casino the winner was playing at. Confirmation about the win will probably be announced soon, either through the casino where the jackpot was won or through Vegas Technology directly.

Vegas Technology software progressive jackpot games, and this Red White & Win jackpot is one of the largest they’ve ever paid out. This software producer is one of the few big players in the online gambling world that still accepts US players, making it a top choice for people from the United States who are looking for real money online casino games. Other software companies which power online casinos accepting US players include RealTime Gaming, Rival Gaming, and Top Game.


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$174,084 won on the Queen of Pyramids at PKR Casino

Aug 05, 2010
PKR Casino

PKR Casino player ‘PaulTuscan’ just hit the jackpot for the second time in the past 9 months, winning $174,084 on the Queen of Pyramids progressive slot game. Last November, PaulTuscan hit a similar jackpot, winning $88,000 on a game called ‘Fruit Mania’. This brings the man’s winnings up past a quarter of a million dollars in the last year alone.

The Welsh gambler took notice of Queen of Pyramids slot when he saw that its progressive jackpot had climbed above $90,000. “Then it topped $174,004.01 and it was the most I have seen it at,” said Paul. “The rest is history as they say.”

The lucky slot fan is considering spending his winnings on an Aston Martin, or maybe a couple of long holidays.

PKR Casino is a sister site to the famous PKR Poker. The casino runs on software designed by Playtech which operates one of the largest networks of progressive jackpots in the world. Their progressive games can be played for as little as $0.50, and 1% of each bet made on the game is added to the jackpot, which grows and grows until a lucky player like PaulTuscan comes along and wins the whole thing.

Right now, two of Playtech’s progressive slot games have jackpots that are more than a million dollars. Beach Life is sitting at $1.2 million, while Gold Rally is just behind at $1.1 million. These prizes can pay out at any time. Who will be the next lucky jackpot winner?


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Five progressive jackpots, nine big slot game winners at Spin Palace Casino in July

Aug 04, 2010
Spin Palace Casino

Quite possibly the hottest online casino on the entire Internet in terms of big payouts last month was Spin Palace Casino. The Microgaming-powered casino reported no fewer than five progressive jackpot winners in addition to another nine players who took home $18,000 or more on standard video slot games.

July’s biggest winner at Spin Palace was a player known as S.P. Playing Treasure Nile on July 19th, S.P. lined up enough jackpot symbols to win a nice €52,815.82 (about $68,300) on the 9-payline machine.

Some smaller progressive jackpots won in July at Spin Palace include the €10,985.06 ($14,125) taken by M.D.R. at LotsaLoot when he hit three LotsaLoot symbols on payline 5. Player E.L. won a piece of the Mega Moolah jackpot worth €10,302.20 (almost $13,000) from Mega Moolah Summertime Slot. (The Mega Moolah bonus is now at over $3.8 million, by the way.) And M.B. took one of the smaller Mega Moolah progressive jackpots to start the month by winning $10,015.39.

Finally, the biggest table game winner was surely L.V.D.P. who won €20,000 on the Progressive Cyberstud Poker game there.

Slot players M.W., R.H. and V.L. each registered big wins in July, taking Spin Palace for over $154,000 combined. M.W. was the single largest winner after seeing quite a run on Isis and Fortune Finder slots for nearly $70,000. G.P. also recorded a nice windfall, going for $20,730 on Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword slot.


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Millionaires Club progressive slots pass $1 million mark

Aug 03, 2010
Millionaires Club

A series of popular online progressive jackpot slot machine game called Millionaires Club are now offering a prize of more than $1 million. The games, developed by internet casino software company Cryptologic, feature high-life themes that give players a glimpse of the lifestyle that awaits them if they win the big prize.

The series is made up of three games, appropriately named Millionaires Club I, Millionaires Club II, and Millionaires Club III. The three slots feature different graphics and gameplay, but each shares the same Cryptologic casino jackpot. The jackpot is progressive, meaning it grows bigger every time a player makes a wager on the game. These jackpots continue to grow until they are won; the jackpot is then reset.

Millionares Club has a history of playing out big. In 2007, a 29-year-old blacksmith set a world record by winning over $4 million from the game at InterCasino.

It is not uncommon for online progressive jackpots to reach seven figures. The largest online progressive slot jackpot ever won actually paid out over $6 million, back in 2009 on a slot from Microgaming software called Mega Moolah. The jackpot on the Mega Moolah series of games now stands at an incredible $3.8 million.


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How to turn an ATM into a slot machine

Jul 30, 2010

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ATM Jackpot

Barnaby Jack has a special power – he can walk up to an ATM and trick the machine into thinking it is a casino jackpot slot game. Once Barnaby has performed his magic, the ATM will start spitting out money onto the ground faster than most people can enter their PIN code.

Barnaby is no magician. He is actually a security researcher, and he recently demonstrated his unique hacking skills at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas. His session, titled “Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux”, was put together to bring attention to issues of digital security in today’s world of computers.

During the Black Hat conference, Barnaby hacked two different brands of ATM machines. He bought the machines online, and spent years going over the program code that powers them, looking for weaknesses. These are not the only ATMs he has hacked; in fact, Barnaby says he has yet to find an ATM that he couldn’t exploit to get free cash.

The issue of digital security in the online gambling world has been in the news recently, after Canada’s BC Lottery Commission launched the country’s first-ever fully licensed internet gambling website. Unfortunately, the site contained a massive security glitch, and within hours it had to be shut down. It seems that player accounts were crossing over, and certain casino users were able to gamble with other players’ money. Some 200 accounts were compromised before the site was taken offline.

Fortunately, these sorts of problems with online gambling sites are rare. The software that powers online casinos is rigorously tested prior to release, and new games undergo testing by third-party companies to make sure they are random and fair. Just as most people have no idea how to hack an ATM, most online casino users can gamble for years and years without ever running into problems.


Trending Gambling Results:

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Canada Lottery Commission Refuses to Pay Jackpot Winner

Jul 29, 2010
Canada Lottery Commission BCLC

Canada Lottery Commission (BCLC) has been in the news a lot recently after a technical error with their new online gambling site left the accounts of 200 players compromised. The site is still down, and the Commission has been left struggling to get back to its feet.

Meanwhile in the offline world, casino-goer Adrian MacNair is launching a lawsuit against the Canada Lottery Commission after they refused to pay him a $40,000 jackpot he won at one of their casinos.

Canada Lottery Commission

The problem is that three years ago, MacNair voluntarily listed himself as a “problem gambler” and enrolled in the self-excluding program. Under the program, casino security was supposed to ask him to leave once his ID was matched to a list of participants, but the casinos took no action, so MacNair continued to play.

It was only when he hit a $40,000 jackpot on a slot machine at Cowichan casino back in January that the BCLC finally stepped into action – by refusing to pay him the winnings.

MacNair is now suing the casino. He feels that if the casino let him play and lose money, they should also let him play and win money. This will be the second such lawsuit against the BCLC in recent months – earlier this year a woman sued the Canada Lottery Commission after losing several hundred thousand dollars because the casinos failed to stop her from gambling after she enrolled in the self-exclusion program.


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Sun Vegas Casino player hits three jackpots, wins $157,200

Jul 28, 2010
Jackpot Deuces

A member of Sun Vegas Casino known only as DM hit his third progressive jackpot yesterday, bringing his total progressive winnings up to an amazing $157,200.

DM’s first big win came two and a half months ago, when he hit the Lotsa Loot progressive jackpot and won $58,222. Last month he got lucky again, grabbing a $30,347 progressive prize on Jackpot Deuces, a single-hand video poker game. DM’s most recent win came from another progressive jackpot slot called Fruit Fiesta, and totals $68,631.

“Well done DM!” says Austin Green, manager of Sun Vegas Casino. “Three big wins in as many months is an outstanding achievement.”

Sun Vegas Casino, member of the Vegas Partner Lounge, is powered by Microgaming software and provides its members with more than 450 different online casino games, including more than a dozen progressive jackpot titles. At the time of writing this, more than $5 million in progressive jackpot prizes are available across these games at Sun Vegas Casino, just waiting for a lucky player like DM to scoop them up.


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