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Wins the Powerball Jackpot on Vacation, Brother gets $7

Mar 07, 2016 - by Dani
$291M Powerball jackpot was one by judge on holiday

What a lucky family… (Photo:

A Pennsylvania Judge, James Stockglas took his family to a Florida fishing trip and bought a lottery ticket on the way back home. After returning home, he found out that he won the $291 million Powerball jackpot.

His brother, Bob also played and also won, as much as $7, online gambling news report. A very lucky family with not that even distribution…

Went to fishing in Florida, caught a Powerball jackpot winning lottery ticket

Anyways, Mr. Stockglas picked up his $291 million Powerball jackpot winnings in one lump sum. His first thing was to inform his family that they are going back Florida. It is unknown that they had such a great time that they want to spend all their lives there, or he wanted to buy some more winning Florida lottery tickets…

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