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Hungarian Hockey Player Sings National Anthem

Jan 04, 2016 - by Dani
Hungarian hockey player sings national anthem after PA failure

Horváth volunteered to sing the anthem

László Horváth, 15-year-old Hungarian hockey player sings national anthem for his team after the PA system was broke.

The Hungarian U-16 hockey side was about to play in a youth tournament in Kamloops, Canada. Since the sound system broke, the crowd had to sing the Star Spangled Banner for their opponents. However, when it was the Hungarians’ turn, the public address system still didn’t work. But a brave Hungarian player, László Horváth volunteered to sing the anthem and exploded the 1,000 crowd.

Kaloomps This Week: Horváth turned out to be a trained singer

He sang virtually perfectly. Later he revealed that he had learned music and sang in the school choir. Gambling news reported that Hungary also won the match and the whole tournament confidently. However, László Horváth was already a national hero by that time after the video with the Hungarian hockey player sings the national anthem went viral in his home country.

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