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The New Kardashian-West Baby Name Has Been Announced

Dec 08, 2015 - by Katrina P.
saint west yeezus

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The new Kardashian-West baby name has been announced, and to no one’s surprise, it is just as ridiculous as their first.

In the news, the newest offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has finally blessed the world with its presence, and he has a sacred name to match: Saint West.

No, seriously.

The Kardashian-West baby name announcement was made yesterday afternoon via Twitter. Kim had posted emojis representing her family members, along with the following caption: “SAINT WEST.” Reactions to the eccentric celebrity baby name have so far been mixed; some find it perfectly fitting for the child of two people who arguably have some of the biggest egos in the world, while others are making fun of the couple for essentially canonizing their child.

What were the top betting picks for the new Kardashian-West baby name?


What the newest Kardashian-West baby name would be has been a hot topic discussion among fans of Jeezus and the Kardashian clan since Kim had announced her second pregnancy. Online gambling sites in the US had even gotten in on the action, with many people wagering on what name Kim and Kanye would pick.

While no one predicted ‘Saint’—because really, how could you—there were some popular picks that people were putting money on, with the frontrunners being: South West, Easton West, and Robert West.

Gambling on celebrity baby names is nothing new in the world of weird things to bet on. Just last April there was a betting frenzy on what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would name their newborn daughter, with some gamblers staking as much as £2,000.