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How to Win One Million Dollars in a Spin & Go

Oct 28, 2015 - by Dani
PokerStars 1 million Spin and Go

This is how you win one million dollars

Here is the video of a USD 1,2 million PokerStars Spin & Go final where you can learn how to win one million dollars in a tournament like this.

The showdown between the final three players to decide who is going to win one million dollars in cash at PokerStars started relatively slowly. But then came an all-in with an A9 offsuit from Hungarian ‘minargyuri’ and that was enough to beat Czech ‘KvicKiller’s AK offsuit, ripping him completely off.

By that, ‘minargyuri’ became the chip leader in the final of the million dollar online poker tournament and this is where the heads-up play between him and ‘barrakuuda4’ (Estonia) began. The next all-in from ‘minargyuri’ wasn’t as successful as the first one, falling with an A6 offsuit to an AJ offsuit. After this hand ‘barrakuuda4’ had 85% percent of the chips, so previous leader ‘minargyuri’ was on the edge.

But he was far from being off the table. Switching to a short stack strategy, as any expert of gambling facts would do, he worked his way back to possessing 30% of the chips with a handful of all-ins. Then with another all-in, KJ beating A2s, ‘minargyuri’ was up once again with a slight lead.

From then on, with the blinds raising and even stacks, they were swapping up places constantly. ‘barrakuuda4’ even went down to 20% then two all-ins helped him back to 90%, putting ‘minargyuri’ in a tough position once again, who duly lost the final all-in.

By that, ‘barrakuuda4’ demonstarted how to win one million dollars, with the other two finalists taking home USD 100,000 each. ‘barrakuuda4’ was the sixth PokerStars millionaire in a week, and this thrilling final was worth to watch.

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