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Jurgen Klopp Quips About Simon Mignolet Error

Nov 28, 2015
klopp on mignolet error


Everyone in the football world is cracking jokes about the Simon Mignolet error—even Mignolet’s coach, Jurgen Klopp!

The jovial German proved once again that he not only possesses fantastic football skills, but a warm sense of humour as well when he told a journalist who took long pauses between questions that: “You take almost as long as Simon Mignolet taking a kick.”

He is referring to, of course, the bizarre Simon Mignolet error that occurred during the Liverpool versus Bordeaux match. Though a football goalie is only meant to control the ball with his hands for 6 seconds prior to a kick, Mignolet held on to his for 21 seconds before an indirect free kick which led to the visitor opener.

Needless to say, it was awkward. Really awkward.

Following the incident the football and sports betting media were buzzing with news of the Simon Mignolet error, and Klopp decided to join in on the good-hearted fun.

Had the game ended badly for Liverpool, the Simon Mignolet error would’ve been handled very differently. But given that the Bordeaux match ended in a hard-fought victory for the Reds, fans of both Premier League football and sports betting in UK can laugh things off along with Klopp.

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