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Full Tilt Offers Staggering $4,000,000 Tournament Prize

Mar 19, 2015

Register with Full Tilt immediately to have your share of the eye-watering $4,000,000 guaranteed prize money. This online poker tourney is like no other you have ever played in before, therefore make sure to experience all the great excitement while the action is still hot. Sign-up to play the unique tournament today as this promo lasts only until March 29.

Read here: Full Tilt Offers Staggering $4,000,000 Tournament Prize.

Full Tilt Ftops Winners – FTOPS XXVIII Online Poker Tourney  :
1. Big Huni  901 Points
2. FLATSPIN 2012  788 Points
3. vitja_N  787 Points
4. gieras  741 Points

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