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$11M Texas Lotto Jackpot Winning Ticket Sold in Houston Area

Apr 01, 2016
Texas lotto jackpot winning ticket worth $11.75M

Texas lotto jackpot winning ticket sold in Tomball

A Texas lotto jackpot winning ticket was sold in Houston area, but the identity of the $11.75 million winner is unclear yet.

Someone bought a Texas lotto jackpot winning ticket for Wednesday’s drawing in Tomball, TX. That lottery ticket has all the six winning numbers: 5, 14, 16, 17, 39 and 46. Since this is the only Texas lotto jackpot winning ticket, it will mean a $11.75 million Texas lotto jackpot for the one who purchased it.

The winner of the Texas lotto jackpot have not showed up yet, according to latest gambling news. Texas Lottery executive director Gary Grief suggested to the winner to look for financial and legal advice before claiming the $11.75 million.

Texas lotto jackpot winner should see a lawyer

Mr. Grief said, “We want to congratulate the winner of last night’s Lotto Texas jackpot and we look forward to meeting them. If you have the winning ticket, we encourage you to seek financial and legal advice before coming to Austin to claim the prize.”

The Texas Lotto jackpot winner has 180 days to claim the prize.

The ticket was sold in a Quick Corner Store, and the shop will get a $118,342, online gambling news report. Four tickets with more than $11,000 lottery wins were sold too and as well as fourteen other tickets worth $1,600 in the latest Texas Lotto drawing.

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$40M Australian Lotto Jackpot Won By Struggling Family

Mar 25, 2016
Australian lotto jackpot won by working class family

The OZ Australian lotto jackpot went to the best place

A working class family on the South West region of the country won the $40 million Australian lotto jackpot.

Steve’s family worked seven days a week in Harvey, south of Perth, until their lucky day has come at the OZ Lotto. They had won a $40 million Australian lotto jackpot they already claimed on Wednesday, online gambling news report.

This $40 million Australian lotto jackpot is the second biggest lottery wins won in Western Australia. And this went to the best place actually, solving the problems of a family that has been struggled financially for years.

Steve, the father of the family said, “We’ve been working 15 hour days, seven days a week for the last 10 years. We haven’t been able to afford a house or a car and every time we have gone to the bank for a loan, it’s been declined. This changes all of that. It will change our lives for the better but it certainly won’t change us.”

Australian lotto jackpot secured the future of the family

They also said that they will continue to live as ordinary people despite claiming the whole $40 million Australian lotto jackpot. However, Steve is obviously relived that the future of their clidren is safe.

He said, “I’ve always wanted to secure a future for my children and take my wife shopping for a home we can actually call our own for the first time. Now we can do all that.”

This Australian lotto jackpot won by a WA family had also an effect on the local community, as experts of gambling facts might already know. The boom in lottery ticket sales means an increased support to the region, almost $7.5 million.

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Avondale Woman Snags $475,000 Louisiana Lottery Jackpot

Nov 26, 2015
Louisiana lottery winner

Great check (before taxes(?) ) (Photo: Louisiana Lottery)

63-year old Cecilia Randel has been announced by the Louisiana Lottery Corporation as the lucky holder of the sole winning ticket for the $475,000 Louisiana Lottery jackpot.

Randel had purchased the ticket at RaceTrac #645 on Highway 90, a few blocks from her home in Avondale, Louisiana. As the store that sold Randel the winning ticket, RaceTrac #645 will receive 1% of the jackpot, for a total of $4,750.

Meanwhile, frequent lotto player and first time winner Randel will be awarded $332,500 of the jackpot after federal and state taxes on the $475,000 jackpot.

Do you feel just as lucky ? Feel free to try online lottery as well. It has it shares of great offers and winners that became millionaires.

lotto online

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