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Awesome Benefits at Bingo Hall’s VIP Room

Mar 30, 2015

Join Bingo Hall as soon as you can and take advantage of the popular online casino’s latest promotion with which you will gain access to the best benefits such as the exclusive Progressive Jackpot Games. But that is not the only way the website attracts their elite players. VIP members are also entitled to claim Points multipliers in Slots Tournaments Furthermore, they can also participate in games with prizes of $750 on every fifth call in addition to the casino’s famous Reverse Coverall games.

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Bingo Hall Coveralls Winners – Reverse Coveralls Tournament :
1. Visrael  20 Points
2. Ravenblue  11 Points
3. BingoNona  10 Points
4. PrincessMel  10 Points

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Pick the Pi Tournament at Bingo Hall to Win $3,140

Mar 12, 2015

Don’t Miss the chance of a bingo life time to earn $3,140 when you partake in the Pi Tournament, now on at Bingo Hall. Here’s what you need to do. Look out for the Letter P pattern and for every 3rd call, stave off getting $3.14. Ward off getting 6, 9, 12, 15 or any denomination of 3, which come with a $3.14 prize. If you don’t, that’s all you’ll get. And as Bingo Hall never wants to disappoint, they invite you to play your hardest on your mobile or PC and enjoy the race for fixed prizes in different rooms.

Read here: Pick the Pi Tournament at Bingo Hall to Win $3,140.

Bingo Hall Pi Tournament Winners – The Pi Tournament :
1. ahotttie  12
2. happyami2b  11
3. RobinG543  10
4. mayellie  4

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