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Chelsea to Become Champions Next Year?

Dec 07, 2015 - by Dani
dissapointed mourinho

Yeah, it doesn’t look good (Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images )















After Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea suffered their latest setback against Bournemouth on Saturday, a new perspective emerged on the internet about how Chelsea to become champions next year.

Instead of commenting the news, let’s just face the theory:

Of course it is about the Championship, and it seems that Chelsea actually do everything in order to get engaged in the relegation battle as much as it is possible. Chelsea to become champions in the English second-flyer looks funny know, but if they don’t change something in the coming months, it will become even stickier towards May. They are currently 201.00 (200/1) to relegate at the end of the season at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Though Mourinho was previously confirmed as the Blues manager until the end of the season, gambling news reported that if they would eliminate from the Champions League against Porto on Wednesday, Roman Abramovich would instantly sack his friend. Or let say, “Relieve him from his duties”.