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Still Hard to Take the Famous Corner of Monaco GP

May 21, 2015 - by Dani
Monaco Formula 1 track

Tricky track of Monaco

Before Formula One arrived in Monaco, where the most famous race of the series is held, some adjustments were made regarding the track. With moving the barriers in the turn at the Swimming Pool complex, the track might be safer, nevertheless it is still tough to manage according to former driver Vitantonio Liuzzi.

He also talked about the importance of not touching the walls and the barriers in this depressingly tight venue. If we have a look at the most spectacular overtaking moves of the last decades, we will see that if you would like to see the chequered flag, it could be helpful to avoid touching the moving features of the motorsport competition too. Monaco’s new Swimming Pool apex “still a challenge”

The exit at the Swimming Pool complex at Monaco street circuit was refurbished for this year with the barriers moved inwards and a kerb installed instead, gambling news report. Theoretically, with the barrier removed from the apex, it is easier to take the corner now than it was before, however former Formula One drivers expressed that it is still tough to get it right.

Vitantonio Liuzzi recently drove in Monaco in the Formula E series. He said, “Yes it is definitely still a challenge there, even though it is a slightly different line and trajectory”. When discussing the corner, Liuzzi, who spent six seasons in the Formula One between 2005 and 2011, also explained the significance of avoiding the walls in Monaco these days.

He expressed, “I still think it is the toughest part of the circuit and you can gain quite a bit still and honestly touching the walls a lot at Monaco is a myth. You might do it a few times and get away with it but generally it is not worth the risk.” Apart from the changes at turns 15 and 16, several parts of the track have been resurfaced, and some adjustments have been made at Tabac. Six of the Best: Overtakes at Monaco

The Monaco GP is recognized as the most precious one in the calendar because of the status and the glamour style of the Principality. However, the race itself can be quite boring many times, as it is virtually impossible to overtake in the streets of Monaco. For the bravest, is still possible though, but to perform a move like that, one have to be patient, expedient and skillful as well.
Like Michael Schumacher in 1998, who wrestled with Alexander Wurz from the Loews hairpin to the tunnel, however, as the Austrian was equally aggressive to his counterpart, the two touched several times. Though the German won the battle, he lost the war eventually as both of their cars damaged heavily, ruining their races respectively.

Nico Hulkenberg was luckier last year, exploiting a slight error made by Kevin Magnussen to get past him in the same section of the track, without banging his Force India dangerously against the McLaren. Kimi Raikkonen made a cleaner maneuver against Mark Webber in 2006, but it was delicate as the Finn overtook the Australian unexpectedly while climbing up the hill.
In 2013 Sergio Perez provided the show overtaking Jenson Button and forcing Fernando Alonso out of the track at the chicane a few laps later, after the Spaniard had to give the position back to the Mexican. Perez’s race ended soon however, when he hit Raikkonen at the same corner.

Equally remarkable was Nigel Mansell’s pass on Alain Prost in the tunnel in 1991 when battling for the second place. Those, who follow sports scores, might remember Schumacher infamously overtaking Fernando Alonso in 2010 after the safety car went in at the end of the last lap. However as that move went against the rules, Schuey was handed a time penalty after the race.

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