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Punter bets GBP 400,000 on Scottish Voters Saying No At The Independence Referendum

Jun 21, 2014 - by Iva Pope

Punter bets on Scottish Voters Saying No

The Scottish independence referendum is just three months away and it will happen on 18th September 2014. The decision about it came after the Scottish and the UK governments signed an agreement, followed by the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, which dealt with the details around this historic event.

The Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament in November 2013 and it received Royal Assent in December 2013. The Electoral Commission put forward the following wording for the referendum question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” which people have to answer when they go to vote.

Naturally, this issue is pretty hot in Scotland and there are a lot of scenarios and speculations discussed among people and the media. The latest impressive gambling news came from a Surrey punter, who gambled GBP 400,000 that Scottish voters will say no at independence referendum. More about one of largest political bets even placed can he found on:

TheGuardian: Scottish independence referendum: man bets £400,000 on no vote

Bookmakers around the country are extremely excited about the impressive bet calling it the “biggest political bet ever struck.”

One of the biggest betting houses in the UK William Hill reported that the bettor in question showed a banker’s draft for GBP 400,000 in a branch in south-west London. Keeping in mind that the odds are at 1/4 for a no vote, he will most probably earn profit of GBP 100,000.

Additionally, William Hill reported that it already has a GBP 200,000 bet placed again on a no vote, which isn’t surprising as people’s support for a no vote has grown by eight points to 61%, while backing for a yes vote has declined to 18%.

Graham Sharpe, spokesman of William Hill commented: “As far as we can ascertain, this is the biggest political bet ever struck.”

Moreover: “The previous record was a GBP 200,000 bet also struck on a no vote in the Scottish referendum earlier in the campaign, and the same amount was gambled by a customer who backed David Cameron to become Tory leader.”

And: “We are now well on the way to turning over GBP 1 million on the outcome of the Scottish referendum, which is exceeding our expectations.”

TheIndependent: Scottish referendum set to be the most gambled on political event ever

William Hill is definitely one of the big winners, who are discussed in numerous gambling blogs, as this referendum will most probably earn the company more than any other political vote.

Sharpe added the revenue results on the referendum outcome are very impressive, especially keeping in mind that “our total turnover on the last General Election in 2010 was no more than one and a half million.”

With the current bet of GBP 400,000 the UK is pretty high in the table of political bets, very close behind the biggest reported non-UK bet, which was GBP 419,000. It was placed by an Australian gambler, who bet that Tony Abbott would win the 2013 Australian general election.

TheTelegraph: Man bets £400,000 on Scotland saying ‘no’

The GBP 400,000 wager on the outcome of the independence referendum in Scotland is definitely one of the most commented issues in the UK, prior the vote, which will happen in September this year.

William Hill reported that the bettor, who is part of all conversations in the gambling circles, is middle-aged man from Surrey and didn’t have Scottish accent. He placed the bet through a banker’s draft and will have the chance to “make profit” of GBP 100,000 if his prediction comes true.

In reality, “there are less than 100 campaign days to go until Scottish voters go to the polls to decide whether their country should remain part of the United Kingdom.”

Naturally, all three parties in UK’s parliament offered deals to Scotland if it rejects the independence, like more powers on the issues of tax and spending.

However, there are some controversies regarding the support, as last week Gordon Brown, who supports the “No” campaign against independence, accused David Cameron of making a “big mistake” in confronting Scotland against England in his attempt to save the union.

The former Prime Minister expressed his concern that threatening the Scottish population with cuts of jobs and bankruptcy if they vote for independence, transformed the debate and made it simply “Scotland versus Britain.”

Reuters: Gambler in England bets 400,000 pounds that Scots will reject independence

One of the “world’s biggest ever political bets” will most probably bring the bettor who placed it quite impressive revenue.

The GBP 400,000 bet is twice as big as the one of GBP 200,000, also placed on a no vote, by a Scottish man at an earlier stage of the independence referendum campaign.

Despite the larger percentage of people who will most probably vote “No”, in comparison to the supporters of Scottish independence, there are still a lot of voters who haven’t made up their minds.

Thus: “The bookmakers said they had shortened their odds on a “no” vote to 1/5, suggesting this was now more likely to happen than previously thought. Their odds on a “yes” vote stand at 10/3, meaning winners getting 10 pounds back for every three they bet.”

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