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Lucky Couple Wins GBP1 Million Lottery Prize and a Trip to Australia

Nov 10, 2014 - by Monica Erdei
David and Sam Mackie were the first couple to win in the new EuroMillions Mega Friday draw

David and Sam Mackie were the first couple to win in the new EuroMillions Mega Friday draw

After winning GBP1 million at the lottery, a young couple from Basingstoke will finally get the honeymoon they’ve been dreaming about.

Booking a trip to Australia – that’s the first thing David and Sam Mackie will be spending their lottery winnings on. The couple just won the new EuroMillions Mega Friday draw last week, allowing them to take a much-deserved vacation for the first time since they got married two and a half years ago.

David and Sam, who have two young boys, have already started to plan their trip. Since they got married, they haven’t even had a chance to get away for a honeymoon. They’ve been together five years and their last vacation was a week in Cornwall, but now the pair can finally afford to go somewhere special: to Australia. And since Sam is expecting another baby, they also made plans to buy a new house.

The surprising win comes after a chance purchase, on Halloween. It’s usually Sam who buys the ticket, but this time David opened the computer to find the National Lottery website opened, so he went ahead and entered the EuroMillions draw. According to online gambling news, he received good news the morning after.

ITV: Young couple finally get honeymoon after £1m lotto win

David received an email saying there was good news waiting for him and urging him to check his account. “I usually joke that I am off to check my million when I get the email, but this time I didn’t. I just said to Sam I was off to look at my GBP3,” he said.

He logged on and checked his balance, but it was the same as the day before. In an interview with local reporters, he admitted it took him some time to notice the message which said he had won GBP1 million.

The 32-year-old IT manager said: “This is an amazing opportunity and the more we found out about the trip, the more we realized what a big deal it was. I have been to Australia a couple of times but recently only got abroad for stag weekends. Sam has only ever been on a plane to Leeds, it really is a once in a lifetime chance and I already have the forms to apply for passports for Sam and our boys.”

The pair considered Las Vegas for a honeymoon trip, but since family comes first they didn’t afford it. “We are really family orientated and now being able to share this trip with our children will be even better,” David explained.

David said his wife didn’t believe him when he gave her the good news. She checked the account herself and saw the message was still there, but it wasn’t until they called Camelot – the company authorized to operate the lottery service, under British gambling laws – that it all started to feel real.

Herald Scotland: Delayed honeymoon for lottery pair

A young couple will finally have their honeymoon after winning GPB1 million in the new EuroMillions Mega Friday draw. David and Sam Mackie got married two and a half years ago, but have not even been on a honeymoon or on a trip abroad. The family from Basingstoke, Hampshire will finally be taking a vacation to Australia, together with their two sons.

David, who works as an IT manager, told reporters: “I called my wife but she didn’t believe me. Once she saw my face, and I think I was shaking by this point, she decided to check. We both logged off and back on again to the account and the message was still there. I then had to wait 15 minutes to call Camelot and that was when it started becoming real.”

Mrs. Mackie is currently on maternity leave and the couple will also buy a house for their expanding family. They already signed the paperwork for a new development which they had previously considered, but had been unable to afford until now.

“They had been going quickly and there were only a few plots left. Luckily the one we wanted was still available and we got it. It is amazing to be in that position. I stress about mortgages and money and it is completely life-changing to not to have to worry any longer,” David explained.

Western Daily Press: Euromillions Jackpot: Tickets for new Mega Fridays 25 x £1million prizes and getaways to Makepeace Island released next Friday and last Friday of every month

The National Lottery is launching “mega Fridays”, a new EuroMillions lottery game which will create 25 millionaires. On the last Friday of every month, players will have a shot to win once-in-a-lifetime prize and multiple GBP1 million guaranteed rewards.

In addition to the jackpot prize, the first launch draw will give lucky players the chance to take home one of the 25 available GBP1 million prizes. There is also a private getaway up for grabs, taking the winners themselves and seven other people to Makepeace Island in Australia.

“Next week promises to be hugely exciting for EuroMillions players here in the UK. There’s a chance to win one of 25 guaranteed GBP1 million prizes and we’ll be giving each winner a head start on the millionaire lifestyle with a once in a life time getaway to their own private island,” a National Lottery spokesperson told reporters.

“As well as the chance to win life changing prizes, EuroMillions players also help contribute to the GBP33 million players raise for National Lottery projects every week.”

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