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New Jersey Might Add Casinos outside Atlantic City

Jun 11, 2015 - by Dani
Atlantic City is the Gambling Center of New Jersey

Atlantic City is the Gambling Center of New Jersey

A group of New Jersey lawmakers are backing a bill that would enable to operate up to three new casinos in the state. The regions where to put these gaming destinations would be regulated in a way to avoid competition between the casinos and also to protect Atlantic City from new challenge within the state. The politicians who introduced the bill claim that this is a way to boost the gambling industry in the Garden State. However those who object the plan argue that the only thing that would help the declining Atlantic City is a revised plan for the business and new competition for America’s Favorite Playground. NJ lawmakers: Add casinos


A group of New Jersey politicians introduced a bill about asking the voters whether they would agree if the state added more casinos outside Atlantic City. Democratic state Sens. Bob Smith and Linda Greenstein, and Republican Sen. Kip Bateman, all representing central NJ, are backing a plan to add one casino in northern and one in central New Jersey.
New Jersey gambling laws only approve casinos to operate in Atlantic City. However the bill introduced on Monday would permit another one to function in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, or Union counties with the other one to establish in Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, or Warren counties.

A recent plan wanted to approve up to three more casinos outside Atlantic City, but the voters have to enable the possibility to operate such businesses outside America’s Favorite Playground. Hard Rock and the Meadowlands Racetrack sure want to create one gaming destination in East Rutherford, next to the Stadium of New York’s two NFL franchises. NJ pols: Add 1 casino in north, 1 in central part of state


Before a Chukchansi reopening date in 2015 would be announced, on the other side of the continent New Jersey might have additional casinos outside Atlantic City, gambling news report. To achieve that, New Jersey residents only have to back the bill introduced on Monday by three local lawmakers.

Democratic state senator Bob Smith said, “Our part of New Jersey is one of the richest areas in America,“ backing the bill that would enable two more casinos to operate. Smith also said that the new facilities should be spread across the state, to avoid unhealthy competition, thus one should put in the central and one in the northern region of the state.

The possibilities of Meadowlands and Jersey City casinos are already considered. As the bill doesn’t set exact locations for the new gaming destinations, with Monmoth County in the list, a Monmouth Park Racetrack casino in Oceanport might be also a possibility, according to gambling news. OPINION: Casinos will thrive with more competition


As Atlantic City is in decline, the state of New Jersey would need a revised plan for the casino industry. A few politicians try to push to ease the restrictions that limit casino gambling to America’s Favorite Playground within the state, however to revitalize the business, New Jersey should plan for the long instead of open a couple of new gaming facilities right now.

Atlantic City was the only place with legal gambling in the Eastern half of the United States once, however as the industry developed, AC failed to keep up with the evolution of the business. As gambling revenues have been dropping since years, a group of politicians came up with the idea of opening new casinos, gambling law news report.
The bill recently introduced would limit the new gambling sites to regions far from Atlantic City to protect its casinos from competition, but a solution like that is hopeless, as competition is Atlantic City’s only way to survive.

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