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Bookmakers in Britain Agree to Have a Voluntary Watchdog

Sep 17, 2014 - by Mark-Antonio Zivic
Bookmakers in Britain agree to have a voluntary watchdog

Bookmakers in Britain agree to have a voluntary watchdog

In efforts to maintain a more transparent approach with their gaming practices, some of the biggest bookmakers in Britain believe it is in their best interest to establish a supervisory watchdog. This newly formed group will aim to keep them in line with responsible gambling and other relevant standards that the industry calls for.

The Guardian: Bookmakers sign up to voluntary watchdog

With the current industry demands to create a higher standard of gaming and increase efforts to engage in responsible gambling, several high-profile firms are looking into setting up a watchdog. William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power are all among the gaming providers that want to implement the new group to oversee their practices.

They have come up with this plan in order to help them with avoid statutory measures for offering “free money” on many of their gaming machines and in betting shops. All of these big firms have agreed to remove all advertisements for touch-screen roulette machines from their respective shops starting from next month.

Additionally, they will also install responsible gambling messages that will be visible across a fifth of their shops’ space. Advertisement that promote “free bets” and “free money” for players to claim will not be aired before 9pm.

Latest gambling news reports that the new overseeing association will be called the Senet Group. Among their many responsibilities will be to fund educational advertising campaigns on problems that are associated with gambling. The group will also make sure to alter their TV commercials to contain more messages that are oriented towards responsible gambling.

Latest gambling news reports that Silver is determined many states that are currently experiencing financial difficulties will want to follow the model set by Nevada. The gaming state allows sports betting and is showing a steady growth.

Financial Times: Britain’s biggest bookmakers to create gambling watchdog

In order to follow through on tougher gaming standards that are being imposed by officials, four of the biggest bookmakers in Britain will create a new overseeing body. Problem gambling has become a heated debate in the industry, so establishing a board should help them curtail issues associated with that.

The self-regulatory body will be titled the Senet group (named after a board game in ancient Egypt), and its purpose will be to help maintains the standards that are sought by the industry today. The group will have the capacity to “name and shame” and also impose fines for any companies that don’t follow through on the missions and objectives set by it.

Other big name gaming providers like Bet365 and BetFred have also been invited to participate and sign-up for the new supervisory entity. The planned date for its launch is currently believed to be in January after several important steps pass completion.

Chief executive of Gala Coral, Carl Leaver, stated, “Actions speak louder than words. That’s why the Senet Group will be given the independence, budget and purpose to hold the betting industry to account.”

Recently, government official have expressed concern about the increased number of betting shops and the effect that they have on Britain’s society. This has seen them launch initiates to reduce problem gambling which is heavily linked to gambling advertisements and high-stakes betting machines that are provided by many betting shops.

Express & Star: Bookies back responsible gambling

William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power have all come together to form a new overseeing entity that is intended to help them maintain responsible gambling practices. Many corners of the country believe that gambling providers should be held accountable for problems that may arise due to intense gambling pursuits.

Therefore, the new body titled the Senet Group will be tasked with implementing strict guidelines and measures for all the gambling providers to follow. The key goals that have been put forward by the firms involve the voluntary ban on advertising various gambling offers such as “free bets” and “free money” before 9 pm.

Betting shops will also remove all advertisements of gaming machines from all their windows. Additionally, they will convert a fifth of their shop window advertisement space into messages that will bear responsible gambling points, according to gambling news.

The aim is to protect “vulnerable” gamblers from spending all of their money, while the new group will also have the power to “name and shame” and impose fines for any provider that doesn’t follow the regulations.

Although currently there are four founding companies looking to establish a watchdog, others have also been encouraged to join. Chief executive of Ladbrokes, Richard Glynn, commented, “Gambling has long been a leisure pursuit and part of the cultural fabric of the UK, but we are alive to the concerns of the public to keep gambling a responsible and fun activity.”

PoliticsHome: Four bookmakers set up watchdog to keep themselves in check

A total of four gaming providers have come up with a plant to set up an overseeing body that will make sure all the companies are running socially responsible operations. William Hill, Ladbrokes, Gala Coral and Paddy Power have all agreed to start the new Senet group to keep them in line with the guidelines demanded by government officials and the public.

All of the big four companies are already member of the Association of British Bookmakers, and the new group will help them maintain leverage over BetFred, which the largest non-member of the Association.

The Gambling Commission was established by the government to oversee and make sure all practices are scrupulous and responsible towards the society at large. However, up until it has not done much with its powers but instead has managed to receive criticism from some corners of the public for not doing any effective work.

No fines or penalties like loss of license have been issued to providers for breaching regulations on gambling. The Commission has not been able to discipline the perpetrators for not following the rules which has propelled the government and the public to seek a better regulating body to ensure all runs according to the guidelines.

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