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Second Royal Baby Triggers Betting Boom

Sep 10, 2014 - by Monica Erdei
Betting companies are taking bets on the second royal baby's name, gender and weight

Betting companies are taking bets on the second royal baby’s name, gender and weight

The second royal baby is on its way, and thousands of punters have already rushed to the bookies to place wagers on its name.

This week started off with great news for fans of the Royal Family, as a statement from Clarence House announced Prince George is going to be a big brother. As Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child, online gambling news sites predict a new betting bonanza.

When Kate and William got married in April 2011, 24.5 million watched their wedding on TV. Soon after the news got out that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant, bookmakers started offering odds on the royal baby’s name, hair color and even his future job, with bettors placing over $2.4 million in wagers.

Betting companies are expecting even bigger profits this time around, as the second royal baby has started to draw new clients just after the announcement was made. Next to the usual sports scores listed at bookmakers, players can already place wagers on the name, weight and hair color of the new royal baby.

The Wire: People Are Already Betting on the Royal Baby

British newspapers have announced the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a second child. Kate will not be accompanying Prince William on a previous engagement in Oxford, as she is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum – a severe form of morning sickness – and is under medical observation.

Meanwhile, punters are already placing bets on the baby’s name, hair color, weight, and even whether Kate is having twins or triplets. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has released a statement saying players have already spent more than GBP10,000 by Monday midnight.

“If there’s one thing that baby George taught us it’s that the British public love a punt on a Royal offspring and we’re bracing ourselves for another baby betting bonanza. Money is already pouring in by the pramload and we expect this to be the biggest novelty betting market of the year,” Paddy Power said in a statement.

According to the company’s latest odds, the safest bet is on Kate and William having a brown-haired baby at birth. Odds on hair color are: brown (6/4), blonde (5/2), red (3/1) and black (5/1). Odds for multiple birth are 33/1 for twins and 250/1 for triplets. As for the weight of the baby, Paddy Power is going with 5/1 for less than 6lbs, 6lbs to 6lbs 15oz, or 9lbs to 9lbs 15oz; 11/8 for 7lbs to 7lbs 15oz; 11/8 for 8lbs to 8lbs 15oz; and 8/1 for the baby weighing 10lbs or more.

As far as names go, Elizabeth, Henry and Victoria are top favorites with odds of 10/1, followed by Charlotte, Arthur, William, Alice, Philip, Alexandra, Catherine or Kate, and Charles, all given 12/1 odds; James, Mary and Frances are at 16/1, while Albert, Alex/Alexander, Diana and Spencer are at 20/1. The last option – Macbeth – is a long-shot with odds of 500/1.

E! News: Royal Baby No. 2 Names and Gender Already Sparking Major Betting Frenzy — Check Out the Odds!

Merely hours after Clarence House revealed the good news that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their second child, bookmakers have started taking wagers on the baby’s gender and name.

“The royal baby betting frenzy is back in full swing. With one correct gamble already in the bag, punters are quickly reinvesting their winnings on the couple having a second son called James,” Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes told E! News.

James, the duchess’ brother’s name, is at the top of the list with 6:1 odds, followed by Elizabeth, Arthur and Victoria at 8:1. Ladbrokes has posted 4:5 odds that the duke and duchess will have another boy, and it seems highly unlikely that Kate is carrying more than one child, with odds being at 20:1 for twins and 100:1 for triplets.

Either way, punters will have to wait until next spring to meet the second royal baby and find out if they won.

People: Royal Baby’s Name and Sex: Bookmakers Taking Bets

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that Kate is expecting their second child and all bets are on, as bookmakers are already taking wagers on the baby’s name and sex.

“The Royal Baby betting frenzy is back in full swing,” Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes told reporters. “With one correct gamble already in the bag, punters are quickly reinvesting their winnings on the couple having a second son called James,” she added.

Ladbrokes is offering 4:5 odds on the new child being a boy, and James (Kate’s brother’s name) is the top favorite for a first name, with odds at 6:1.

NBC News: Royal Baby Boom a Bonanza for British Economy

The British economy is getting a boost from the second royal baby. Money has already started pouring into the betting industry, and economy experts are expecting tourism and souvenir sales to increase.

When Prince George was born last July, it was predicted that the food, drink, tourism and media industry would make an extra $400 million in sales. The birth of the second baby is expected to reach the same level, but economist Howard Archer warns: “There may be a small feel-good factor when it is born and some buying of souvenirs but that is as far as it will go.”

Gamblers have already started to place wagers on the baby’s name, gender and weight, which can only mean good news for the betting industry.

CNN: Betting gets a bump from Royal Baby #2

Gambling companies are preparing for another betting bonanza. Paddy Power said it was expecting this to be the biggest novelty betting market of the year, and Ladbrokes has also announced it was taking bets on the new baby’s name, with James being favorite at odds of 6:1. Betfair is going with Victoria as top choice for the second child’s name.

Players from all over the world have placed more than GBP1.5 million ($2.4 million) in wagers on the birth of the first royal baby, trying to guess its name, hair color and future career. Bets started pouring after the palace announced that Kate had gone into labor.

Wagers on a sibling for Prince George have been open for some time, and betting companies said hundreds of people have already won thousands of pounds.

“587 people have correctly predicted that the couple would announce they are expecting a second child in 2014, all of those punters have now collected [their] winnings,” Ladbrokes announced.

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