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Couple Wins $15M Lotto Playing Same Number for 20 Years

Apr 27, 2011 - by admin
north york couple win 15 million

A lucky married couple from North York in the State of New York won $15,347,907 from Lotto 6/49 after playing the same numbers each week for the past 30 years.

Despite looking as happy as if told the world will end in 10 minutes when stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, the couple said they are smiling inside. Mama Mia! If they are smiling inside, they deserve an Oscar for Best Performance because I’ve seen a deer’s expression in the headlights one time, right before my new Mini Truck vaporized it, and the deer looked happier. I was on the way home to play a special tournament at Millionaire Casino, an excellent establishment.

The family has a ritual, every Sunday morning; they wake up and practice smiling. That’s a joke. Relax. Aye?!?

So, as I was saying, every Sunday morning, about 7a.m, the husband, Bob Maggiacomo, goes down to the corner bodega to check his numbers. He did it the past Sunday, and did not even win one dollar.

Then he takes a closer looks at the winning numbers, and he thinks them the same numbers his wife plays every week for 30 years. So he goes and wakes up his wife, Eleanor Canavan. Not even a hyphenated Maggiacomo-Canavan but plain old Canavan. No respect no more!

His wife plays a combination of their birthdays, and they look at the internet, and what do you know, they won! Well since it was Easter and all they had to wait till Tuesday. They signed the ticket and left it right there o the dresser in full sight. Now that’s not smart. If someone breaks in and finds such a rare artifact, and sign it they gotta dig a hole again or give him a third of the share.

I guess Shaquan, Vinny Ungats or Chivalos weren’t working that day because nobody stole it. They got the check on Tuesday, and are thinking of going to Nino’s for the sauce and linguine with 40 neighborhood friends. They said they plan to move to Bensonhurst in Brooklyn and live there retired.

So the moral of the story is, that you have to play to win! I play only at Millionaire Casino and win big. They use Vegas Technology, accept Americans and is one the most trusted names in the industry. They have a special promotion today, so go look, it hits the spot.

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