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Microgaming Bad Beat Poker Jackpot Won Twice in 20 Hours

Feb 22, 2011 - by admin
Microgaming bad beat poker jackpot

Microgaming bad beat poker jackpot

Microgaming bad beat poker jackpot occurred at Microgaming’s Network of inter-connected poker rooms, where the rare Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot was miraculously won twice within 20 hours. Normally the Jackpot is won once every 4-15 weeks. The Microgaming Network offers specifically created virtual poker tables throughout its network of 36 independent online poker rooms.

Microgaming Network’s Bad Beat Poker Jackpot rooms are available at some of the most popular and well known online poker rooms, including 32Red Poker, Cool Hand Poker and Crazy Poker.

The special poker rooms only operate when at least four people are playing, and offer a progressive Microgaming bad beat poker jackpot when one player is beaten by another in a showdown where the looser has at the minimum quad eights (four cards that are all 8’s) or higher. For the Progressive Jackpot to be awarded, the winner and the looser must use all of their ‘hole cards’ to make their hands.

At 6am UK time, a player on Microgaming network called ‘4447470’ (who had pocket tens) got involved in a hand with ‘epohon’ who held the Queen and King of Hearts. When the smoke cleared, ‘4447470’ held 10-10-10-10-A against ‘epohon’ who held 10-J-Q-K-A, all of hearts and a Royal Flush. It took a moment for player ‘4447470’ to realize he won the Progressive Bad Beat Microgaming Jackpot.

Microgaming bad beat poker jackpot: Twice in Twenty

According to the rules, the $558,296.27 jackpot was divided among all four players with ‘4447470’ winning $195,403.70, ‘epohon’ winning $97,701.85 (along with the $500 that he won in the hand), and the remaining two players, who were not involved in the hand, each received $48,850.92.

The Progressive Jackpot was reseeded and 20 hours later grew to $114,264.23 when it was won by a player called ‘papa45’ who lost with four Jacks to ‘zebro74’ who held a straight flush. ‘Papa45’ won $39,992.48, ‘zebro74’ won $19,996.24 and the four remaining players, not involved in the hand, each won $4,999.06.

The Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot was insantly reseedeed at $22,852 and the action re-started. Make sure you register with all three Microgaming poker rooms listed above, so you too can participate in the heart pounding action of live poker and perhaps you too can walk away with the Microgaming bad beat poker jackpott!

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