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$156,402 Bad Beat Jackpot won at Carbon Poker

Nov 23, 2010 - by admin
Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat jackpots are becoming a popular trend, both online and offline. They are progressive jackpots attached to online poker games that are distributed to all the players at a table when one player loses to another with a very high hand. At Carbon Poker, the winner of the hand takes 17.5% of the jackpot, while the loser walks away with 35%. The rest of the cash is distributed to the other players at the table.

This week, player dk2112 won $156,402 in cash at a Bad Beat table. He was playing $.50/$1 no-limit at a table with a pot of just $55 when he won the big prize. He entered the table with pocket 7’s, which turned into quad sevens by the end of the hand. His confidence was shattered when his opponent BlackOutBob dropped quad 8’s.

Since dk2112 lost with such a strong hand, the Bad Beat Jackpot was set off, giving him the $156,402 prize. In fact, quad 7’s is the lowest hand that can trigger the jackpot, making dk2112 doubly lucky! BlackOutBob won the $55 pot but also took home $78,201 from the Bad Beat Jackpot. The other five players at the table were rewarded just for being there, getting $13,033 each.

While this is a pretty big jackpot win, it is nothing compared to the Carbon Poker record. Their largest ever Bad Beat Jackpot was $1.2 million, won on a Friday the 13th! Carbon Poker execs hope this figure will someday be trumped, but in the meantime, the jackpot has been reset to $100,000 and will continue to grow until it is won once again.

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