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Armed Robbers Strike the Grand Casino in Switzerland

Mar 29, 2010 - by admin
Swiss Robbers

Masked Robbers charged the Grand Casino, located in Basle, Switzerland, just 200 meters from the French border. The bandits made off with hundreds of thousands of franks and escaped across the border. Swiss and French police are working in a joint effort to bring the situation to justice.

BBC News: Switzerland casino is robbed by armed gang

According to prosecutors, masked men stormed a casino near the Swiss border city of Basle, and made off with hundreds of thousands of francs. About 10 raiders showed up in two cars and smashed their way in, brandishing machine-guns and pistols.

The gang spoke French and ordered the 600 guests and employees to the floor while they emptied registers. Reports say they couldn’t get into the strong room despite firing on the door. The gang escaped in their cars, silver Audis with French license plates, headed towards France. Basle lies on the Swiss border, with French territory just 200m from the casino.

According to the Basle prosecutor’s office, no-one was injured though several shots were fired. Managing director Michael Favrod said it was the first robbery at the casino.

The Guardian: Basle’s Grand Royal casino raided by armed gang

French and Swiss police have launched a cross-border manhunt for an armed gang which recently stormed a Swiss Casino and made off with hundreds of thousands of Euros. According to prosecutors, the raid was professionally executed at 4am in the Basle’s Grand Casino by about 10 masked raiders armed with machine guns and pistols.

One man burst through the door with a sledgehammer, and his partners ran inside and ordered guests to the floor while firing into the air. Some of the gang tried to break into the safe room but failed, despite firing bullets into the door.

The gang sped across the border in 2 silver Audis. The Grand Casino is just 200 meters from the French border. Witnesses said the gang members spoke in French.

The Wall Street Journal: Armed Gang Raids Swiss Casino

A gang of masked men raided a large casino in Basel and stole hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs just 1 week after the Swiss government approved the expansion of gaming.

The 10 men pulled off a daring heist at the Grand Casino of Basel. They pulled up to the casino in a pair of gray Audis bearing French license plates. Once inside, they brandished machine guns and pistols, and ordered the 600 guests and employees to drop to the ground. Investigators said the men spoke French.

Some of the men emptied registers, while others unsuccessfully attempted to break open a safe in the basement by shooting the door. A few guests and casino guards were lightly injured in a scuffle.

The theft happened just a week after the Swiss government gave the green light for regions that don’t currently have casinos to seek a license this spring. At the moment, there are 19 casinos in Switzerland.

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