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Avondale Woman Snags $475,000 Louisiana Lottery Jackpot

Nov 26, 2015 - by admin
Louisiana lottery winner

Great check (before taxes(?) ) (Photo: Louisiana Lottery)

63-year old Cecilia Randel has been announced by the Louisiana Lottery Corporation as the lucky holder of the sole winning ticket for the $475,000 Louisiana Lottery jackpot.

Randel had purchased the ticket at RaceTrac #645 on Highway 90, a few blocks from her home in Avondale, Louisiana. As the store that sold Randel the winning ticket, RaceTrac #645 will receive 1% of the jackpot, for a total of $4,750.

Meanwhile, frequent lotto player and first time winner Randel will be awarded $332,500 of the jackpot after federal and state taxes on the $475,000 jackpot.

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