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Lottery Jackpot Enriches Lucky Scottish Couple By £161 Million

Jul 21, 2011
biggest euromillions lottery jackpot winners

The wait is over and the mystery lottery jackpot winners of the biggest EuroMillions jackpot have come forward.

Colin and Chris Weir of Ayrshire, Scotland beat the astronomical odds to pick up a cool (and untaxed) £161,653,000 ($250,000,000) check at MacDonald Inchyra Hotel in Polmont, near Falkirk after winning the lottery jackpot.

Mr. Colin Weir, 64, has worked as a Studio Manager and TV cameraman for the past 23 years while Mrs. Chris Weir, 55, is a retired psychiatric nurse.

They were married for 30 years, are avid football supporters and like the rest of Scotland bought their lucky lottery jackpot tickets hoping for the best The couple has a girl and a boy, now in their early 20’s (she is a single dancer/writer and he is in telephone-sales) .

Colin, who claims to never drink was hitting the bottle of single malt £800 Scotch like an old pro when he described the feeling of learning that the rest of his life will be nothing but peaches and cream from the lottery jackpot money – “When we first kent we won, it felt like a dream. Everything spun around likes in slow motion. But it feels like a good thing, ken? Something we is no afraid of likes, but for us to enjoy with the bairns. ”

At this point his wife took over as Mr. Colin began chugging champagne like a thirsty Loch Nest monster.

“We now have so many new opportunities to explore but we won’t spend a lot of the lottery jackpot money. For us, it will be a gradual change with choices to be made,” Scotland’s newest millionaire said.

Lottery jackpot makes everything allright

“All our lives we have lived within our means and been comfortable. We appreciate that this lottery jackpot money brings about a whole new life for us and our family.

We would like to say ‘God Bless’ and good luck.

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